Weighpack International

We serve our customers worldwide directly from our factory in the Netherlands and also through a network of agents. These agents are familiar with both our products and the needs of their local market. SouthWind International is one of our long-standing partners and we would like to present them to you with the interview below.

Question: Could you introduce yourself and your company?
 I am John Graef, director and owner of Southwind International in Brazil. We supply tooling and machines to fastener manufacturers, and we have represented Weighpack in Brazil and Argentina since 1997.

Q: What machines and services do you supply?
A: Apart from Weighpack packing machines we sell machines such as wire drawing units, hot and cold forging headers, thread rolling machines, nut tapping machines, wire machinery, and auxiliary equipment. We also support customers with maintenance, working with a local automation service company. Of course, Weighpack also provides remote support.

Q: Do you mostly supply complete Weighpack lines, or single machines?
A: The larger fastener companies usually prefer to invest in complete solutions, fully automated packing lines for boxes or plastic bags. Our medium size and smaller customers usually opt for semi-automatic packing machines which suit their volumes and budgets.

Q: How do your customers rate Weighpack machines?
A: They think Weighpack packing equipment is definitely the best solution for any fastener company, as it meets their needs in an unique way. The equipment combines counting accuracy, packing speed, user friendliness, strength, and long-lasting performance with very low maintenance needs.

Weighpack is very good at designing and offering a packing solution tailored to the customer. The machines can be set accurately to the product type and size ranges, and to the required quantity and speed. As a result, in most cases the equipment not only fits the customer’s product range but goes beyond that.

Q: Can you give an example of a recent project?
A: We have just delivered a semi-automatic packing machine to La Bulonera De Vila, a fastener manufacturer in Argentina. The owner, Mr Armando Vila, told us that despite the difficult economic situation in that country they decided to spend a bit more and get a reliable Weighpack machine. We really appreciated their confidence in the Weighpack solution.

Q: Is there anything you would like to add?
A: Weighpack is very flexible when it comes to meeting customer needs. Recently, a machine for one of our customers was ready to ship but then they asked us at the last minute to modify it for use with two different product containers. Weighpack was able to make those modifications quickly. Last year the Weighpack service team developed a creative solution to keep a packing line running while our customer was waiting for a spare part to clear customs, which took a few weeks.

Get in touch with John Graef from SouthWind International or find an agent close to you.