Matéria da Fastener Fixing sobre a Fastener Fair

A Fastener Fixing publicou uma reportagem sobre a Fastener Fair:


First show – but you’d never know it

For the first time the Fastener Fair was staged, 8th and 9th November, in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city.  The quality and range of stands, though, belonged to a far more established event matched by visitor traffic exceeding expectations on both days.


Walk from the sun-immersed check in area to the entrance of Fastener Fair and it became clear this was no ordinary first time show. Visitors were immediately presented with an array of stunningly designed feature stands. The message was clear  – the Brazilian fastener industry had taken the Fastener Fair to its heart, with an enthusiasm and flair that epitomises this vibrant and highly aspirational country.


In fact, organisers Mack Brooks Exhibitions attracted an impressive 171 exhibitors to Fastener Fair Brazil; well over a third Brazilian companies.  With more feature stands throughout the hall and a wide spectrum of well presented shell stands, exhibit quality was consistently high. Noticeably, alongside international suppliers from across the globe offering an extensive range of fastening technologies several international manufacturing technology companies were represented. National Machinery, Wafios and Weighpack, have well-established business links to Brazil’s fastener manufacturing sector but nevertheless received continuous interest.


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